Among the 4 Holy Books, Torah, Zabur, & Injeel, the Holy Quran is the last Holy Book that was revealed on the last messenger of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). 

The Holy Quran is the Muslim’s ‘complete code of life’ that guides human beings in every aspect of their life. It is the sacred text of Islam which is composed in the Arabic language. 

Based on 114 Surah, the prime theme and abstract of the Al-Quran is the monotheism of Allah. Besides this, the Holy Quran highlights the main concepts of prophethood, belief in life after death, temptations of evil, the role of human beings, and the duties of an individual in a society.

The Holy Quran recitation and understanding are necessary for every Muslim. The importance and benefits are:

Holy Quran Recitation Benefits:

One can apply the teachings of the Holy Quran in daily life to achieve the righteous path. To read Quran online or to listen to it, click on the following link. Quran mp3 Download (Coming soon)

Most Popular Surah of Quran

Surah YaseenSurah RahmanSurah Kahf
Surah WaqiahSurah JumaSurah Maryam
Surah YusufSurah MulkSurah Muzammil

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Surah No.Surah Name ListMeaning EnglishVerses
1Surah Al FatihahThe Opener7
2Surah Al BaqarahThe Cow286
3Surah Al ImranFamily Of Imran200
4Surah An NisaThe Women176
5Surah Al MaidahThe Table Spread120
6Surah Al AnamThe Cattle165
7Surah Al ArafThe Heights206
8Surah Al AnfalThe Spoils Of War75
9Surah At TaubahThe Repentance129
10Surah YunusJonah109
11Surah HudHud123
12Surah YusufJoseph111
13Surah Ar RadThe Thunder43
14Surah IbrahimAbrahim52
15Surah Al HijrThe Rocky Tract99
16Surah An NahlThe Bee128
17Surah Al IsraThe Night Journey111
18Surah KahfThe Cave110
19Surat MaryamMary98
20Surah TahaTa-Ha135
21Surah Al AnbiyaThe Prophets112
22Surah Al HajjThe Pilgrimage78
23Surah Al MuminunThe Believers118
24Surah An NurThe Light64
25Surah Al FurqanThe Criterion77
26Surah Ash ShuaraThe Poets227
27Surah An NamlThe Ant93
28Surah Al QasasThe Stories88
29Surah Al AnkabutThe Spider69
30Surah Ar RumThe Romans60
31Surah LuqmanLuqman34
32Surah As SajdahThe Prostration30
33Surah Al AhzabThe Combined Forces73
34Surah SabaSheba54
35Surah FatirOriginator45
36Surah YasinYa Sin83
37Surah As SaffatThose Who Set The Ranks182
38Surah SadThe Letter “Saad”88
39Surah Az ZumarThe Troops75
40Surah GhafirThe Forgiver85
41Surah FussilatExplained In Detail54
42Surah Ash ShuraThe Consultation53
43Surah Az ZukhrufThe Ornaments Of Gold89
44Surah Ad DukhanThe Smoke59
45Surah Al JasiaThe Crouching37
46Surah Al AhqafThe Wind-Curved Sandhills35
47Surah MuhammadMuhammad38
48Surah Al FathThe Victory29
49Surah Al HujuratThe Rooms18
50Surah QafThe Letter “Qaf”45
51Surah Az ZariyatThe Winnowing Winds60
52Surah At TurThe Mount49
53Surah An NajmThe Star62
54Surah Al QamarThe Moon55
55Surah Ar RahmanThe Beneficent78
56Surah Al WaqiahThe Inevitable96
57Surah Al HadidThe Iron29
58Surah Al MujadilahThe Pleading Woman22
59Surah Al HashrThe Exile24
60Surah Al MumtahinahShe That Is To Be Examined13
61Surah As SaffThe Ranks14
62Surah Al JumuahThe Congregation, Friday11
63Surah Al MunafiqunThe Hypocrites11
64Surah At TaghabunThe Mutual Disillusion18
65Surah At TalaqThe Divorce12
66Surah At TahrimThe Prohibtion12
67Surah Al MulkThe Sovereignty30
68Surah Al QalamThe Pen52
69Surah Al HaqqahThe Reality52
70Surah Al MaarijThe Ascending Stairways44
71Surah NuhNoah28
72Surah Al JinThe Jinn28
73Surah MuzzammilThe Enshrouded One20
74Surah Al MudassirThe Cloaked One56
75Surah Al QiyamahThe Resurrection40
76Surah Ad DahrThe Man31
77Surah Al MursalatThe Emissaries50
78Surah An NabaThe Tidings40
79Surah An NaziatThose Who Drag Forth46
80Surah AbasaHe Frowned42
81Surah At TakwirThe Overthrowing29
82Surah Al InfitarThe Cleaving19
83Surah Al MutaffifinThe Defrauding36
84Surah Al InshiqaqThe Sundering25
85Surah Al BurujThe Mansions Of The Stars22
86Surah At TariqThe Nightcommer17
87Surah Al AlaThe Most High19
88Surah Al GhashiyahThe Overwhelming26
89Surah Al FajrThe Dawn30
90Surah Al BaladThe City20
91Surah Ash ShamsThe Sun15
92Surah Al LailThe Night21
93Surah Ad DuhaThe Morning Hours11
94Surah Alam NashrahThe Relief8
95Surah At TinThe Fig8
96Surah Al AlaqThe Clot19
97Surah Al QadrThe Power5
98Surah Al BaiyinahThe Clear Proof8
99Surah Az ZilzalThe Earthquake8
100Surah Al AdiyatThe Courser11
101Surah Al QariahThe Calamity11
102Surah At TakasurThe Rivalry In World Increase8
103Surah Al AsrThe Declining Day3
104Surah Al HumazahThe Traducer9
105Surah Al FilThe Elephant5
106Surah QuraishQuraysh4
107Surah Al MaunKindnesses7
108Surah Al KausarThe Abundance3
109Surah Al KafiroonThe Disbelievers6
110Surah An NasrThe Divine Support3
111Surah Al LahabThe Palm Fiber5
112Surah Al IkhlasThe Sincerity4
113Surah Al FalaqThe Daybreak5
114Surah An NasThe Mankind6

Some common FAQs about the Quran are

The Quran is the religious book of Muslims that was revealed by Muhammad (SAWW)

The Holy Quran is the book of Allah that was orally revealed by Him through Jibrael (AS) to Muhammad (SAWW).

Quran was revealed during the period of 610-632 ce

There are 114 Surahs in Quran. 86 are Makki and 28 are Madni.

There are 6666 Ayats/Verses in the Holy Quran.

The standard Quran comprises 604 pages.

There are 540 Ruku in Quran.

There are 7 Manzil in Quran.

There is 14 Sajdah in Quran.

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