Surah Al Lail

Surah Al Lail is the 92 chapter of the Holy Quran. The meaning of the title is “The Night”. It was revealed in Mecca. It has 21 verses and 1 ruku. Sural Al Lail is located in Juz’ 30.

The surah begins by describing the night, its darkness, and how it signifies Allah’s power and wisdom. It then talks about the human soul and how it is prone to both good and evil. The surah emphasizes the importance of doing good deeds and seeking Allah’s pleasure and warns against those who are greedy and self-centered.

The main lesson of Surah Al-Lail is that believers should strive to do good deeds and seek Allah’s pleasure, even in the face of adversity. The surah encourages believers to be generous and charitable and to avoid arrogance and selfishness.

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