Surah At Tin

Surah At-Tin is the 95th chapter of the Holy Quran. The meaning of the title is “The Fig”. It was revealed in Mecca. It has 8 verses and 1 ruku. Surah At Tin is located in juz’ 30.
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Colour Coded Tajweed Rules

tajweed-rules-blue-ikhfaIkhfa tajweed-rules-orange-GhunnaGhunna tajweed-rule-green-Ikhfa Ikhfa Meem Saakin tajweed-rule-green-IdghaamIdghaam tajweed-rules-red-qalqalaQalQala tajweed-rules-purple-QalbQalb tajweed-rules-lightgreen-Idghaam Meem SaakinIdghaam Meem Saakin
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