Surah Al Qadr

Surah Qadr is the 97th surah of the Holy Quran. Surah Lailatul Qadr contains 5 verses . The word Al Qadr means “Fate”. It is a Meccan Surah. It was revealed in the month of Ramadan. 

The theme of this surah is about the night when the Holy Quran was revealed. Surah Qadr is the concept that only Allah knows everything. 

Besides this, the recitation and understanding of this surah are important as it reminds a Muslim of his final destiny that is, the day of judgment. Also, it makes a believer closer to Allah.

There are multiple benefits of Surah Qadr:

Benefits of Surah Qadr:

  • Reciting Surah Qadr will increase rizq.
  • This Surah will protect you in the life hereafter.
  • To pay the loan back, one should recite Surah Qadr.
  • Listening to this Surah will enhance your wealth and provide safety to it.
  • If a person recites Surah Lailatul Qadr his sins will be forgiven.
  • This surah helps to relieve paralysis.
  • Listening to Surah Qadr will help in maintaining sharp eyesight.
  • This surah is the cause of limitless rewards.
  • Reciting this surah will provide you peace.
  • Surah Lailatul Qadr is the cause of inner self cleanliness. 

To Surah Qadr read online, click on the Surah Qadr PDF

Surah Qadr PDF

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Colour Coded Tajweed Rules

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The common FAQs about this surah are:

 Many surahs such as Surah Rahman, and Surah Yasin can be read on Lailatul Qadr. Surah Qadr can be especially read on this night as it mentions the whole scenario of this night.

Surah Lailatul Qadr comprises of 5 Ayats and no Rukus.

This surah was revealed in the month of Ramadan.

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