Saee in Hajj – Another Vital Part of The Hajj

Saee hajj

When it comes to one of the other manaasik-e-hajj that are important to perform, the Saee holds a pretty highlighted significance. Without the completion of this important manaasik, completion of hajj is affected and doing it correctly, has its own reward and a feeling of salvation. Saee is done subsequent to the tawaaf of the kaaba, where Muslims then head for the mountains of Safa and Marwa to perform this hajj ritual. This particular manaasik is done to memorize Bibi Hajra who ran back and forth Safa Marwa in search for water for young Ismail AS. Running or walking here, 7 times in total, adds to the completion of this ritual.

Saee in hajj is performed by the person who has made the niyah of performing hajj and all its rituals. However, in other days, saee can be performed for other people so they can have its ajar. When it is one of the important steps to be in ablution to perform tawaaf, for saee there is exception, which means people can perform it without ablution as well. Performing saee with ablution would have its own reward. Little things add to making or breaking the entire situation for people who are performing hajj. Missing out even a single of the ritual or not performing it with dedication and commitment, will only add to that person being expiated, for which there are several other things that can be done. Like for example, if a person misses out any step while performing saee in hajj or makes a mistake, then he or she will have to give away sadqa.

Saee in hajj is just as important as other rites. When you have embarked on your journey for hajj, do it with the intention of pleasing Allah SWT and push away all sorts of negative thoughts, where you might find yourself worrying more for the people in your circle and how performing hajj will raise your standard in front of them. Just always, do it for Allah and worry about no one else around you. Your reputation can become better in front of others based on your good deeds. You don’t have to use hajj to make it better. In fact, use hajj to fix your relationship with Allah and Quran and find peace in it for your own self.

Every little counts. Especially when you’re in the state of hajj. If you will have better intentions than your littlest effort would become the biggest all because of the barakah Allah will put in it. When you’re performing saee in hajj, keep in mind the guidelines that will help you perform it correctly. A lot of people overlook the fact that making mistakes especially when you are performing hajj is not right and for each mistake you will have to make compensating sadqa for it.

Hajj lasts for a very short while. When you are there, push away all the wordly thoughts from your mind and heart and perform every manaasik with full dedication and commitment. There are several do’s and don’ts available all over the web which can be super helpful to you and can give you guidelines on keeping away from making mistakes during the hajj phase.

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