Surah Quraish

Surah Quraish is the 106 surah of the Holy Quran. It is also called “Surah Elaf” It consists of 4 ayahs and 1 ruku and is located in the 30th para. It was revealed in mecca.

The surah’s title, “Quraish,” is based on the Quraysh tribe where the Holy Prophet was born. It was the ruling tribe in mecca.

 The meaning of surah Quraish is to remind Quraish and other people of the gift and mercy of Allah and reverse them to the worship of Allah 

Benefits of reading surah Quraish:

  • Surah Quraish is recited for safety during travel.
  • If a child is fearful Surah Quraish should be recited.
  • It will attract prosperity and blessings.

To read surah Quraish online,

click on the surah Quraish pdf.

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