Surah Al Fil

Surah Al-Fil is the 105 chapter of the Holy Quran. The meaning of the title is “the Elephant”. It was revealed in Mecca. It has 5 verses and 1 ruku. Surah Al-Fil is located in juz’30. This surah is about the well-known historical account of the army of Abraha with several elephants proceeding to attack the Holy Kaaba, And Allah sent against them flocks of birds with stones of baked clay and destroyed his enemies by the small birds. The message of this surah is that Allah is sufficient for everything, he can destroy huge things with a little tiny thing.

Benefits Of Reading Surah Al-Fil

  • Recitation of this surah protects from bad rulers.
  • Destruction of the enemy’s weapon.
  • Reading Surah Al-Fil can also increase our knowledge of the teaching of Islam and strengthen our spiritual connection with Allah.

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Colour Coded Tajweed Rules

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