Surah At Tariq

Surah Tariq is chapter 86 in the Holy Quran. It has 17 verses and 1 ruku. It is located in juz’ 30. This surah was revealed in mecca. This surah title meaning is “The night commer”

Surah Tariq is about that there is an assigned watcher over every human, and all the good and bad deeds done by humans are being recorded. Surah At Tariq is one of the spiritual chapters of the Quran and covers the topic of the day of resurrection

Benefits of Surah Tariq:

  • Recitation of Surah Tariq at night is good for one’s mental health and strong spirituality
  • This surah will help the reciter to get closer to Allah.
  • Surah Tariq is beneficial for the recovery of various diseases.
  • It has the ability to decode magic and repel harm.

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Colour Coded Tajweed Rules

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Surah Tariq

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