Best Tutors For Online Dars e Nizami Course

Name: Hamza Ahmed Siddique

Description: AsalamuAlaikum! I am Islamic scholar Hamza Ahmed Siddique. I have been teaching online Dars-e-Nizami courses for 7 Years, I am a Professional Arabic Grammar Teacher I have many students from all over the world who have completed the course and some students are still studying and I am teaching many different Islamic courses. I can easily communicate with a student and understand his problems. I’ll help you to learn Arabic Grammar, Fiqh, Usool e Fiqh, Aqaid, and all books of Dars e Nizami step by step with a very simple and easy way. So I’ll be very careful in teaching. I’ll help you to improve your Grammar in a very short time as much as possible Insha’Allah. You will get a free demo class. Jazakallah.

  • Language: Urdu , English , Aabic
  • Monthty Fee: $70
  • Classes per Month: 20-22 (Mon – Fri)

Name: Umer Farooq Hanfi

Description: Assalam Alaykum My Name Is Allama Umer Farooq Hanfi I Am From The UK I Learned Arabic Grammar At Age 16 And Now I Am 30, I Am A Certified Scholar From Al-Azhar University. I Can Teach All Dars E Nizami Books But I Have A Specialty In Arabic Grammar (Nahaw & Sarf).  I Work With Children , Man And Women Mostly And They Find My Lessons Easy And Good.  I Can Give You Certificate Once You Pass Tests. I Can Work Any Time That Suits You. I Have Good English And Arabic As Its The Second Language In My Country Feel Free To Contact Me About Any Question. (For Now I Cant Accept New Students You Can Contact Me By Messages If You Dont Require Much Time We I Can Open A Spot For You

  • Language: Urdu , English , Aabic
  • Monthty Fee: $65
  • Classes per Month: 20-22 (Mon – Fri)

Name: Mufti Hamza Ahmed

Description: Asalam u Alaikum Brother And Sister. I Am Mufti Hamza Ahmed . I’m A Professional Arabic Grammar Teacher (Dars E Nizami). I Can Teach All Books Of Dars E Nizami, I Have Great Experience In Dars E Nizami Because I Have Been Teaching For 10 Years In Different Platforms. I Have My Own Academy Named Al-Fatima In Which Many Students Are Doing Different Courses۔ If You Interested To Learn Dars E Nizami , Quran , Tajweed Or Recitation Or Hifz Or Arabic Just Send Me Message And Send Invitation For Me And Get A Free Class In Any Time You Want On Faiz e Islam Website . Jazaum Allah Khayra.

  • Language: Urdu , English , Aabic
  • Monthty Fee: $60
  • Classes per Month: 20-22 (Mon – Fri)

Name: Ghulam Muhammad

Description: I’m A Professional Dars eNizami Teacher For Non-Native Speakers. You Can Take 1 Hour As A Free Trial Session. I Have Certified Teacher In Dars e Nizami. My Method Of Memorization Depends On Repetition And Indoctrination. I Can Teach And Explain The Arabic Rules In English. I Wish I Could Help Muslims To Worship Allah And Enter The Jannah ( The Paradise).

  • Language: Urdu , English , Aabic
  • Monthty Fee: $75
  • Classes per Month: 20-22 (Mon – Fri)

Name: Alima Madiha Waseem

Description: Assalamu Alaikum. My Name Is Alima Madiha Waseem. I’m From Islamabad, Pakistan. I Am Quran Teacher And Tajweed Teacher For Women And Children. I Can Teach Dars E Nizami. I Have Been Teaching For 4 Years In Al-Hamd Islamic Tutor. I Have Experience To Teach Dars E Nizami Because I Taught Many Students In Alhamd Islamic Tutor. I Can Teach Different Islamic Courses “Alhamdulillah”. I Am So Excited To Meet And Help You To Achieve Your Goals In Learning How To Recite Quran With Tajweed And Learning Arabic As Well Insha Allah . Feel Free To Contact Me In Your Convenient Time For Females And Kids.

  • Language: Urdu , English , Aabic
  • Monthty Fee: $60
  • Classes per Month: 20-22 (Mon – Fri)

About Dars e Nizami Course

Dars e Nizami Course
Books For Dars e Nizami Course
Book For 1st Year
Book For 2nd Year
Book For 3rd Year
Book For 4th Year

The Dars e Nizami Course:

The online Darse Nizami course is a course that is traditional Islamic course for students who want to become Islamic scholars and further on they want to proceed in this field. This course is divided into several modules & frameworks that can be accessed in many physical organizations as well as can be learned online also.

Modules Of The Dars e Nizami Course:

The whole course of Dars e Nizami is divided basically into 4 or 8 years where the students are given complete knowledge about the Hifz, Tafsir, Sarf, Fiqh, Shariah, etc. After completing this whole specialization, a person qualifies for the status of Islamic scholar or the Alim who can easily teach and preach the religion to others.

Books For The Online Dars e Nizami Course:

Some various books and guidelines can be accessed to learn the free online Dars e Nizami course. These are specialized books written by specialized authors of relevant fields. Several books of this online course are divided according to the years of the course, like 1st-year Darse Nizami books, 2nd-year Darse Nizami books, 3rd-year Darse Nizami books, 4th-year Darse Nizami syllabus may vary from institution to institution but the overall context is approximately accurate and same. The books are:

  1. Al Nahav ul Kabeer 
  2. Hidaya Tun Nahav
  3. Al Qafia
  4. Hadayat us-Sarf
  5. Taleem ul Mantiq
  6. Noor-ul- Anwaar
  7. Kanz-ul-Daqaiq
  8. Sharah Aqaid-e-Nasfiya

Prospectus For This Course:

Different years teach different things in this course. From, the little details about religion to the advanced topics this course covers almost every topic which is a must for scholars. The prospectus can be divided in the following ways:

First Year: The first-year Dars e Nizami course is also divided into the subcategories of 5,4, & 3 months where the students are thought the knowledge of An

  • Nahw Ul Kabeer,
  • Hidayatus Sarf,
  • Attarkeeb,
  • Hidaya tun Nahaw

Second Year: The second-year Dars e Nizami course is also sub-divided into various categories. Mostly the course outline of the second year is the same as the first year with some more advancements in the courses.

  • Usool e Shashi
  • Taleem Ul Mantiq
  • Noor Ul Anwar
  • Al-Mukhtasar Al-Quduri

Third Year: The third-year module of the course deals with more advancements in subjects that include,

  • Hidaya
  • Tafsir e Jalalin
  • Sharah Tehzib
  • Hussami
  • Sharah Nukbat Ul Fiker
  • Baidawai

Fourth Year: It is the last year and deals with the final subjects of the online Dars e Nizami course that can be categorized as,

  • Sharah Aqaid e Nasfiya
  • Mishkaat
  • Sharah Aqaid e Nasfiya,
  • Hidaya (Akhiraeen),
  • Bukhari,
  • Muslim,

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