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Dua e Hajat – Wazifa For Hajat In Urdu

You want something to happen so badly that you feel your whole happiness lies in it. You need urgent help, but you do not know what to do. In such situations of urgency, you do strongest wazifa for hajat to get results immediately.

There are different types of Problem in life. It could be related to your Job or your financial situation. If it is about personal life, it could be about your love life or marriage. You cannot tackle all problems by yourself. There are times you will feel completely hopeless. You feel it because it is beyond your control. However, you must not forget that everything is under Almighty Allah’s control. Therefore, make this strongest wazifa for hajat . He will bless you with the desire of your heart.

In professional life, everyone wants to achieve success. If you are student, you may want to score good marks in exam. This exam maybe in your school or college. It maybe for getting admission in top university or studying abroad. You know how big this challenge is and as a result you study but you know there is a lot of competition and your efforts may fail. Do this strongest wazifa for hajat for getting excellent marks in your exams. If you are working professional, you might want some dream position in your company.

The Holy Quran is full of verses with the power to grant your wishes if recited as part of a wazifa. But many times,you will require the advice and guidance of a molvi or an Alim to choose the right wazifa for your hajat. These experts have spent years studying the Holy books and know which Quranic verse will be the most powerful and the most effective to solve your problem.

Dua e Hajat - Wazifa For Hajat In Urdu

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Har Muraad Poori Karanay Kay Liye Wazifa


Aadhi raat ko nangey sar hokar jo shakhs 41  martaba is ism ko parhy ga to Allah uski har muraad poori kary ga.

Dua e Hajat English

The experts will tell you that there is a significance in each wazifa performed and there are prescribed ambiences also spelt out clearly to perform the wazifa. In wazifa for hajat it is recommended that it must be performed just after midnight.

If you can keep awake till then, it is fine. Otherwise, you may choose to go to sleep early, keep an alarm and get up after 12 midnight. You should have your bath and wear fresh attire. The clothes need not be new, only they need to be washed and fresh, not worn or dirty.

While performing this wazifa, the atmosphere around the place you are saying the prayer must be a pleasant one.

The wazifa for hajat can be performed by both men and women. But if you are consulting an expert, you will get guided on the finer details. Do listen to the instructions of the expert or the Molvi and follow them strictly without any deviations. Have full faith in Allah that your prayers will be answered.

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