Hajj Guide – Procedure of Hajj Step by Step

Hajj Procedure

Hajj Procedure

First Day of Hajj

Having put on Ihram on 8 Zul Hajjah Make the intention of Hajj and start reciting Labbayak. Those Performing Hajj Tamattu are permitted to carry out Raml and Saee After Nafli Tawaf otherwise they will have to carry out Raml and Saee After Tawaf uz Ziyarah of Hajj. Performing Raml and Saee after Tawaf uz Ziyarah of Hajj is easies. Move towards Mina. Offering Salah from Zuhr of 8 Zul Hijjah to Fajr of 9 Zul Hajjah in Mina is Sunnah


Second Day of Hajj

Move Towards Arafat on 9 ZulHijjah and perform ritual stay there after midday. After the sun has set move towards Muzdalifah without offering Salat ul Maghrib. Offer Maghrib and Isha Collectively in Muzdalifah At the at the time of Isha. Collect a few more than 49 stone for Rami Perform ritual stay in Muzdalifa on 10 Zul Hijjah After Subh e Sadiq (Morning) Move Towards Mina After Salat ul Fajr


Third Day of Hajj

Throw Seven Stone Only at the bif Satan on 10 Zul Hijjah After the sun has risen. Then perform ritual Sacrifice. (Don’t buy the token at all) then get Halq or Taqsir done and Perform Tawaf uz Ziyarah


Fourth Day of Hajj

After the timing of zuhr has stated on 11 Zul Hijjah, First Throw the stone at the Small Satan, then the Middle Satan and finally the Big Satan. Perform Ritual Stay in Mina at Night


Fifth Day of Hajj

After The Timing of Zuhr has stated on 12 Zul Hijjah Stones are to be thrown at all the three Satans as thrown on 11 Zul Hijjah. If you dont have to perform Rami on 13 Zul Hijjah then get out of the limits of mina before the sunset. It is also Wajib for Islamic Sister to Perform Rami themselves for all 3 days. Dam Will become due in case a Wajib act is missed. If someone has not yet performed Tawaf Uz Ziyarah, He/She Should Perform it before the sunset of 12 Zul Hijjah


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