Hajj and Umrah – Things to Do During Hajj or Umrah

Things to do during Hajj or Umrah

For a Muslim, nothing is more blessed and out of this world, than experiencing the surreal reality while being present at Haram. Since the beginning of this Islamic obligation, Muslims from across the globe gather at the Holy Mosque in Makkah and perform Hajj-e-Sagheer, often known as Umrah. The ones who can afford and have decided with their will, go on Hajj-e-Akber, or simply Hajj. Umrah can be performed all around the year, whereas Hajj, is meant to be done during the month of Dhil-Hajj.

If you’re planning to embark on a spiritual journey of hajj or umrah, then following are the do’s and don’ts you need to keep a check on:

  1. Carry Your Quran And Other Duas

Since Hajj and Umrah are all about spending more and more time praying and making dua. Therefore, keeping your own Quran as well as other books with duas can mean a great deal. Since every single good deed is doubled at such occasions, imagine, your extra Quran reading and making dua would double and how good would that mean to you.

  1. Refrain From Acting Up

Situations are something that no human being can ever control. While at Hajj or Umrah if something unpleasant comes your way and you’re not planned for it. Then be sure to keep your sane-side of the brain under a look-out, and do not act up. Being at such places and forgetting your social manners can obviously make you look bad, but because of all the harm and hurt you could be causing others with your words. Plus, people very easily become lazy at such places and they resort to littering. Which is nonetheless another most appalling thing one can do at such places. So remember. Refrain from littering and from acting like a complete bad person.

  1. Don’t Over-Pack Your Luggage

Being away from home does not necessarily have to mean that you are now bound to carry your house-items with you, even when they are of no use. Ever heard your elders say ‘pack light, because you’ll be travelling.’ Ensure to abide by it. When you are staying away from home, over packing will only lead you to nuisance of constantly cleaning the clutter and mess. Don’t forget, your main intention is to pray and make dua, so wasting time packing and unpacking things will only make your entire experience. So don’t do that.

  1. Don’t Make Sudden Shopping Plans

While at hajj or umrah, the only thing one ever wants to do is to get as much Closer to Allah SWT as possible. Pray as many nafils as you can. Because every nafil prayed, matters big time, especially when it is done during the time of hajj or umrah. One thing you would not want to do, even when your heart would tell you to, is shopping. Of course you would find a lot of public spots around there, which would surely distract you. But instead of running after these places, using the time to pray would only make your entire experience worth it.

  1. Find Your Own Praying Spot

Since your prayers’ routine will become intensified, therefore finding your own praying spot and then going to it every day before prayer, will not only put you in ease. But also, it will save you a lot of time which you can use to praying, instead of roaming and running around right before the prayer is about to start. In search of the perfect spot where you can pray. So remember, the next time you’re about to go on hajj or umrah, do all these things which will guarantee you a better experience.

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