4 Qul -The 4 Quls From The Quran & Their Benefits

  1. Qul Al Nas
  2. Qul Al Falak
  3. Qul Al Ikhlas
  4. Qul Al Kafiroun
  5. The Benefits Of Reciting The Four Quls
  6. Importance Of Four Quls
  7. 4 Qul Arabic Calligraphy

What are the 4 Quls:

The 4 Quls are the 4 precise chapters from the Holy Quran that are mandatory to follow and act by all the believers. The 4 Quls are Qul Al-Nas, Qul Al-Falaq, Qul Al-Ikhlas and Qul Al-Kafiroun. Together they are referred to as the four Quls. They are considered as the most powerful supplication and a sort of prayer for several things. Also, they are the briefest and easy to memorize supplications as they only range from 4-6 lines.

The Qul Al Nas:

4 Qul Surah Nas
4 Qul Surah Nas

The Qul Al Nas or the Surah Nas is the 114th chapter from the Quran. This chapter is based on the 6 verses. In the following verses, Allah assists that He is the only God and king of mankind, and the humans and other creatures need to seek refuge in Him from all the evils and the conspiracies.

The Qul Al Falak:

3 Qul Surah Falaq
3 Qul Surah Falaq

The Qul Al Falak or the Surah Falaq is the 113th chapter from the Quran. This chapter is based on the 5 verses. In these verses, Allah reminds us that He is the controller of the entire universe and to Him, the humans shall ask for protection from the evils.

The Qul Al Ikhlas:

2 Qul Surah Ikhlas
2 Qul Surah Ikhlas

The Qul Al Iklas or the Surah Ikhlas is the 112th chapter from the Quran. This chapter is based on the 4 verses. In these verses, Allah claims the concept of Tauheed that He is the one and only sustainer and Creator of this entire universe, and to Him, the humans will return.

The Qul Al Kafiroun:

1 Qul Surah Kafirun
1 Qul Surah Kafirun

The Qul Al Kafiroun or the Surah Kafiroun is the 109th chapter from the Quran. This chapter is based on the 6 verses. In these verses, Allah guides the believers about their attitude towards the nonbeliever and those who reject the religion, angels, and prophets.

Benefits Of Reciting The Four Quls:

The four Quls in English are also known as the protecting Surahs. These are the easiest and authentic supplications to recite and memorize. There are numerous advantages of following and reciting the 4 Quls, some of them are:

  • They are a constant reminder about the concept of monotheism
  • The constant recitation of these surahs gives one courage and development in behavior
  • It brings one closer to Allah
  • Recitation of 4 Quls is also a source of motivation for a believer
  • It broadens one’s vision towards different perspectives of the religion
  • It is a great form of protection from the evil eyes
  • It is also recited for the fulfillment of wishes
  • 4 Quls are also memorized and recited for safety during traveling

Importance Of Reciting The Four Quls:

The 4 Quls in themselves contain a lot of benefits and rewards for the believers who recite them. These are a sort of shield and are also termed as powerful protectors to the one who recites and memorize them on the regular basis. These four Quls cover different perspectives and topics in the Quran that includes seeking refuge to Allah, fearing Allah, considering Him as our Sustainer, asking Him for protection from evils, and many more. For the optimism and righteous paths, following and reciting these supplications daily must be a practice for every believer.

4 Qul Arabic Calligraphy

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